Polar Tracks Expeditions


The earth's southernmost continent

Can you imagine what it’s like to sit next to a “penguin highway” while hundreds of these little waddlers make their way to and fro?

That’s the magic of Antarctica. This mysterious frozen realm is home to millions of penguins, hauntingly beautiful dreamscapes and incredible adventure potential.

The great thing about Antarctica is that nothing is elusive. Want penguins? You’ll see tons of them. Love icebergs? They’re everywhere. You might even see a scientist or two. The only thing left is to book your trip.

If you hear the call of the great outdoors, sign up for these add-on activities when booking.

Please note that some activities may carry an additional cost and are limited in places. Not all ships offer every activity, so please check with us before booking if you’d like to sign up for a particular activity.