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Sylvia Earle


About the Ship

New in 2022, Sylvia Earle honours the highly accomplished marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer. This new build is at the cutting edge of nautical technology, featuring both the Ulstein X-BOW design, reducing fuel consumption by up to 60% and offers advanced adventure activities such as scuba diving, climbing and ski touring.

At the core of Sylvia Earle’s expedition program is citizen science with a custom-built science lab. Keen guests can participate in research projects such as marine mammal identification, cloud observations and seabird surveys.

  • Passenger Capacity: 132
  • X-BOW design for stability
  • Citizen Science program
  • 360° Top Observation Deck
  • Extending hydraulic viewing platforms
  • Mud Room
  • Expedition Parka to keep
  • Rubber boots to borrow
  • Outdoor BBQ facilities
  • 2 outdoor hot tubs
  • Gift Shop
  • Gym, Sauna & Spa
  • Ice Class: 1A

Why We Like Sylvia Earle


    In addition to sea kayaking, Sylvia Earle also offers paddling for beginners, snorkelling, scuba diving, rock climbing, camping and ski touring with spacious activity preparation areas and loading platforms.


    The Glass Atrium Lounge inside the bow features huge windows and super views to the front of the ship. Custom-built hydraulic platforms provide dedicated observation areas that swing out to offer unobstructed views.


    Greg Mortimer passengers can partake in citizen science programs like cloud and seabird surveys, marine mammal identification and phytoplankton studies.


    Sylvia Earle utilises virtual anchoring, also known as dynamic positioning, to hold its position using a combination of GPS, steering technology, propellers and thrusters. This protects the sea floor and minimises the damage caused by conventional anchors.

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