Polar Tracks Expeditions

The Arctic

The top of the planet

Ever wonder just how darn cute a puffin is in real life? The north is home to a number of creatures that you simply can’t see anywhere else in the world.

A wildlife stomping ground, the Arctic is known primarily for its polar bears, but she boasts walruses, reindeer, whales and so much more. It’s been home to indigenous populations for generations and is a destination where rich cultures meet breathtakingly majestic natural landscapes.

The Arctic is not to be underestimated as an adventure destination. As our good friend Chris Morgan – ecologist, conservationist, adventurer, author, TV host, and podcaster said,

“The Svalbard Archipelago in Europe’s far north is among my two favourite places on earth – like someone sliced off the Swiss Alps, dropped them in the Arctic ocean, and sprinkled polar bears on them.”

Most of our guests arrive with great anticipation, and go back home completely transformed.

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