50 Years of Victory

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50 Years Of Victory

Expedition Cruise Vessel

About the Ship

The 50 Years of Victory is a truly unique vessel in that she is the world’s largest, most technically sophisticated, and most powerful icebreaker. As a passenger vessel she is comfortable and offers excellent European cuisine, a gym, a pool and two saunas. Due to her incredible power she can move through sea ice at a speed of 12 knots – an incredible feat. During the winter months (when not used as a passenger vessel), she is used as an icebreaker for cargo vessels through the North East Passage. 

  • Staff & Crew: 140
  • Guests: 128
  • Length: 160 m
  • Ice Class: LL1 (The highest possible rating)
  • 75,000 total horsepower from 2 nuclear-powered steam turbines
  • Cruising Speed: 21.4 knots in open water
  • All cabins have exterior views and private facilities
  • Dining room with unreserved seating
  • Aft Saloon for presentations and mingling with other guests
  • Library/Lounge + Bar
  • Massage service
  • Gym, two saunas, pool
  • One passenger elevator

Why We Like Her


    Victory sports a helicopter, which gives passengers the unique advantage of viewing the polar landscape and the ship crashing through ice from an aerial perspective. It also means passengers can occasionally visit inland areas of Franz Josef Land (en route to the North Pole) that would otherwise be inaccessible.


    No other passenger ship can get you to the North Pole, which makes her super unique as well as in demand. Spaces are often sold out a year in advance.


    Two nuclear reactors, three propellers (each with 7-ton blades), 75,000 horsepower combined with thick steel plates designed in a shape specifically for breaking through ice means she is unmatched the world over.

Photos of the Ship

Insider Advice

We’re a different kind of agency. We work on the ships, with the teams, and are currently active in the polar regions. Our insider advice is truly that – straight from the field – and it’s updated in real time if things change.