Polar Tracks Expeditions


12-passenger ship

About the Ship

Built in 1958, this “Grand Old Lady” has led an illustrious life primarily as a research and rescue vessel. During her time as a rescue ship, she assisted in saving 57 human lives and 17 vessels from total loss and certain death. As a survey vessel, she worked in the oil fields of Norway, surveyed the pipelines of the Mediterranean, and the wind farms of the French Atlantic. But most relevant to our expedition, the R/V Kinfish was instrumental in mapping out much of the Svalbard sea floor in the early 1990’s. She has now been modernized and remodeled as a comfortable passenger expedition vessel. Her interior is completely refurbished in a modern Scandinavian design and she is brimming with new electronic navigation and communication equipment.

  • Passengers: 12
  • Crew: 7
  • Two Mark V zodiacs
  • Built in: 1958, but underwent a refurbishment in 2018-2019
  • Length: 36 m, Width: 7 m
  • Ice Class: 1C
  • Massive stabilization tank as required for her former life as a survey vessel
  • An open bridge policy with 360° views
  • Two huge viewing screens in the upper lounge which can be used to review photos at the end of the day

Why We Like Her


    Her spacious forward & rear decks low to the water – ideal for getting closer to wildlife on the ice – and a bird’s nest in the front for getting those high up panorama shots


    A mudroom for your outdoor wet/muddy field clothes and boots so you leave them in a warm, protected space just off the main deck rather than bring it in to your clean suite.


    Extra electrical outlets in the suites and common areas for charging camera batteries and laptops which is exceptionally important for photographers.


    Her compact size means we can avoid the competing interest groups of the larger ships and just do what we really want to do!

Upcoming Voyages

Photos of the Ship

Deck Plan

Insider Advice

We’re a different kind of agency. We work on the ships, with the teams, and are currently active in the polar regions. Our insider advice is truly that – straight from the field – and it’s updated in real time if things change.