Polar Tracks Expeditions


I am totally ready to return to Antarctica! It certainly was the trip of a lifetime! Seeing Lauren was so wonderful and she is a tremendous expedition leader. We were able to go the farthest south of the Antarctica Circle that she and the other crew members have not been due to warmer weather this season and Lauren’s leadership. The kayaking was just amazing and I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience it. The polar plunge was a real treat too, and I am so glad I did it! Being on land was such an amazing experience and the wildlife was tremendous. We are so fortunate we had such a wonderful expedition and got home safely. Thanks again for all of your tremendous help and I hope to go to the Arctic in the future.
With regard to the trip – it was the most wonderful, exciting, educational and thrilling trip I have ever taken. It was the fulfillment of a dream I have had for years. The ship was beautifully appointed inside, the staff was always at your elbow, to see how they could help. And I was stunned to see how strong and capable Hannah and her team members were- all well-educated in their fields, but most of all, how comfortable I felt going out with them on the zodiacs. I felt assured that any emergency that arose would be handled quickly and professionally. But to the most important aspect: I truly cannot express in words how much I appreciate what you and Sarah did for me, during a rather trying travel time. I cannot thank you enough.
Everything exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful it was all able to work out so well last minute. My Antarctica trip was really a magical experience and the crew and expedition team were outstanding. It was gorgeous beyond what I could have imagined. Heather’s intimate knowledge of the experience was super helpful. She chose a suite for me located mid-ship, which meant more stability during the Drake Passage crossing. She also connected me to a local gear rental company for waterproof pants and mittens. Plus, she helped me negotiate an extra night at the hotel before the trip.
Our Antarctic experience was truly great!!! All of the coordination with Heather and making all the plans and arrangements was certainly well worth it. Starting, the first two nights in Ushuaia were excellent. It provided time to recover from the long travel as well as to see another part of the world. The National Park trip was interesting and worthwhile. We were impressed with the Hebridean Sky ship: well-appointed and a feeling of “classy”. We were very pleased with the expedition staff …. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, and well trained. We learned a lot from the scheduled presentations and were able to apply that information while “on the ground/snow/ice”. The nine off-ship excursions we had were exceptional. We saw and experienced things we’ll probably never see again: an iceberg doing a 180, glaciers cracking and falling into the ocean, 1000s of penguin and learning they “stink”, historic buildings from past enterprises, hiking over rocks and snow, cruising around in the Zodiacs, and simply experiencing something we’ll never do again. Excellent and well worthwhile trip and experience!!!
I could not have been more pleased with my recent trip to western Greenland for a two week kayaking expedition around the Upernavik Archipelago. Having kayaked with David in Antarctica on a previous trip, I witnessed first hand how thorough and focused he is on the group’s safety as well as extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the wildlife, geology and history of the white continent. That previous experience made my decision easy to book with the team at Polar Tracks Expeditions for my kayaking expedition in Greenland. Every step of the way was made easy from the beginning to end. The pre-trip communication with Heather was flawless. She answered all of my questions and was always incredibly responsive. She is definitely an invaluable asset to the Polar Tracks team. Once on the ground in Greenland, our guide Rickard was absolutely amazing! He is always prepared for anything and also super knowledgeable on the history of the region and its flora and fauna.  And even though the trip was expedition style and the passengers were all very capable paddlers and campers, he was always there and happy to assist us with anything from setting up our tents and teaching us helpful paddling tips to lending an extra jacket to someone in need. Under Rickard’s guidance, throughout the entirety of the trip I always felt very well taken care of and very safe. I totally recommend to anyone who is interested in exploring the polar regions to consider Polar Tracks Expeditions when booking, you will not be disappointed.
I had a fantastic trip to Svalbard with David as a guide. His great experience and burning interest in the Arctic and Antarctica really shines through. He has an extensive knowledge of all parts of the wildlife but is at the same time also incredibly competent as a polar historian, making every stop on the trip a highlight.
When I first began talking to Heather about going to Antarctica I knew right away that I’d picked the perfect person to talk to and put my trust in. Having worked on some of the ships herself, her knowledge of the different companies, and their ships, was first rate which made my choices so much easier. Knowing that she had been to Antarctica multiple times as part of the crew, I was able to ask her the many questions that I had and know that I could fully trust her answers. She really took care of me and even arranged to have a bottle of wine appear in my room for my birthday! I’d wholeheartedly recommend talking to Heather, and the team at Twin Tracks, if Antarctica is your dream trip.
Antarctica was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I realize as I write this most people will wonder if I just suffer from a lack of creative ability to describe an experience, but honestly it was. Maybe the easiest way to think about it is – think back to any visual experience that was both incredibly satisfying but also thought provoking in the most personal of ways and that is a sense of how I felt on the trip. It was actually a bit of a miracle that I made it considering people plan this trip at least a year in advance – that is where Heather comes in. Heather was a friend of a good friend of mine and when I told him I would have some time off in the next few weeks, he immediately suggested I reach out to her and that I should really consider Antarctica. I had met this friend of mine in Nepal and somehow he thought Antarctica could be a fit – before that moment, I had never considered it. Long story short, I got in touch with Heather who was a joy to interact with and incredibly encouraging. She had this wonderful approach of providing information in a thoughtful way, so that in the end, the decision to go was all mine. Behind the scenes, she did an incredible job linking my personality and preferences to a ship that embraced them. I ended up going with G adventures which I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to be a bit adventurous, is not too caught up in luxury and would appreciate an education to go with the breathtaking scenery that is Antarctica. If you are thinking about going – don’t look back, and tell Heather I said hello!