EP13 – Stephen Eastaugh – A landscape artist that overwintered in Antarctica

Stephen Eastaugh is an Australian contemporary artist from Melbourne, Australia. He is known for producing semi-abstract, mixed media art, and his work is informed by his decades of experiences travelling.

He has made nine trips to Antarctica: three trips as the official Australian Antarctic Arts fellow (2000, 2002–3, 2009), and six times as an artist-in-residence on tourist ships.

On Eastaugh’s third official trip to Antarctica, he over-wintered at Mawson station. In fact, he was the first Australian to overwinter in Antarctica as an artist since Frank Hurley.

Today on the podcast we talk to Stephen about his multiple experiences as an Arts Fellow on Antarctic bases. For more great stories and photos of his overwintering on the great white continent, see his blog.

*All photos courtesy of Stephen Eastaugh 


4:00 – How Stephen’s first Fellowship in Antarctica came about

5:30 – Stephen shares that most of the English-speaking Antarctic programs have Artists Fellowships – good news for creatives!

6:20 – What stood out to him the most upon arrival in Antarctica

8:30 – The (surprising) primary role of taking artists down to Antarctica

9:20 – Stephen takes us through a day in the life of an artist in Antarctica

10:30 – How the artist’s role is perceived by the rest of the team

12:20 – The biggest challenges he faced as an artist working in a remote environment

13:30 – Stephen shares whether being in that remote environment changed his perceptions or skills as an artist

15:25 – What prompted Stephen to decide to overwinter in Antarctica after two stints down there in the summer season?

17:05 – What was different about overwintering in comparison to being there with more people during the summer months?

18:50 – The thing that affects people the most in an isolated place…

20:10 – The most unique thing Stephen experienced while in Antarctica

22:10 – A possible cunning plan to get to the dry valleys near McMurdo, which is one place on the continent Stephen hasn’t seen but would really like to

23:30 – Stephen’s advice for any artists who are keen to do a residency in Antarctica


Stephen’s website

The Australian Antarctic Division Artists Fellowship

Video: Winterover

Video: Beard growing

Video: Blizz-lines


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