EP14 – Tami Harris + Dave Weisman – How to choose the right adventure once you’ve caught the ‘polar bug’

Today on AntArctic Stories we have a different kind of guest. In fact, there are two: Tami Harris and Dave Weisman.

We’ve received a number of requests to feature “regular travellers” who have been to the polar regions so we invited Tami and Dave on the program to share their experiences. Since retiring in 2012/2013, Tami and Dave have been spending about 75% of their time travelling, mostly internationally.

Listen to today’s episode to hear about how the pair decided on which trip to take to the Antarctic, what they found was most unexpected about the trip, as well as what wowed them the most, before we switch to the Arctic where they share the contrast between their experiences in the North and South.

This is a must-listen for anyone in the planning stages of a polar expedition. Let us know what you think in the comments!


2:40 – First things first: how Tami + Dave avoided booking the wrong trip to Antarctica!

7:10 – What they found most unexpected about the cold south.

8:40 – The duo share their most powerful memories from their Antarctic expedition.

10:45 – What specific advice do Tami + Dave have for someone planning a trip to Antarctica?

14:00 – What was it that gave them the idea to travel to the Arctic?

16:45 – They share their feelings about the difference between sailing on a 100 passenger ship in the Antarctic versus a 12 passenger ship in the Arctic

19:40 – Same as in the south, Tami + Dave share their most memorable moments from the Arctic.

21:45 – If people were looking for travel advice to the polar regions, what would Tami + Dave have to say?


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