The Classic Voyage
Antarctic Peninsula

10-12 days | November - March

The Classic Voyage

Antarctic Peninsula

Few people ever have the chance to step onto the Antarctic Peninsula. From the moment you come aboard, the unparalleled beauty of this region will leave you breathless.

Everything feels like a highlight on a trip to Antarctica—from icebergs the size of buildings and towering snowy peaks of the peninsula, to the rhythmic waddles of thousands of penguins and whales surfacing just out of reach. This is earth’s last true wilderness.


Antarctic Peninsula

DAY 1 – Ushuaia/Drake Passage

DAYS 2 & 3 – Drake Passage/South Shetland Islands

DAYS 4 to 7 – South Shetland Islands/Antarctic Peninsula

DAYS 8 & 9 – Drake Passage/Beagle Channel

Day 10 – Ushuaia

Real Adventures, Real People

I had a fantastic trip to Svalbard with David as a guide. His great experience and burning interest in the Arctic and Antarctica really shines through. He has an extensive knowledge of all parts of the wildlife but is at the same time also incredibly competent as a polar historian, making every stop on the trip a highlight.

Insider Advice

We’re a different kind of agency. We work on the ships, with the teams, and are currently active in the polar regions. Our insider advice is truly that – straight from the field – and it’s updated in real time if things change.